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After 4 years of steady touring, we’re calling time out. P’Dome is headed out on a long hiatus with no idea when we’ll be back. Click the link for more detail….

We have a wedding in the family! Congratulations to our own Mark Lucia and the lovely Sandra Justice on their wedding later today! Eat, drink and be married!

Hey everyone, greetings from the PLEASUREDOME World HQ branch office here on the fringe of Vermont’s famed Northeast Kingdom. It’s another day in paradise and a good time to get out the latest edition of the P’Dome ROCK Report! If you couldn’t tell from all of the promo, everything (for us) started and ended with  [ Read More ]

Hey people, how we doin’??? Well, it’s finally here, P’Dome/Quadra rockin’ the Coca-Cola Grandstand at the Champlain Valley Fair…. who the hell would have ever thought that? Lots of developments over the weekend, so let’s get ya’ll up to speed… First off, like everyone else, we’ve understood that weather would play a huge part of  [ Read More ]

Howdy y’all, what’s the word?? Things are pretty quiet here in P’Dome-topia; takin’ a break to recharge the batts and get ready for some good times and great shows… Speaking of great shows, we figured we would put together a little list of upcoming events so y’all know where to find us – check it  [ Read More ]