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The P’Dome Cruise or is it the Love Boat? (pics from Optical Impact…..)

Posted Jul 06, 2012 in Photos

Now we have heard about a few couple who met at or were on a first date at a P’Dome show, but the ad below kind of says it all; we were on the Love Boat!

The pics from the cruise courtesy of Optical Impact are in and they really are fantastic. Lots of great shots that really capture the energy of the night, which was through the roof. A few of the pics are below; hit the link for the complete set posted at Facebook. Please feel free to tag and share the album too – Facebook’s new policies make hard for everyone to know about new content, so we are asking folks to share our links so as many people as possible get the word.

Lastly, slide over to the OI Facebook page – they are a new company and provide a great service for anyone looking for professional photographs….


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