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the ROCK Report: the latest on Allied Forces – P’Dome & Quadra at the Fair!

Posted Aug 29, 2013 in News

Hey people, how we doin’??? Well, it’s finally here, P’Dome/Quadra rockin’ the Coca-Cola Grandstand at the Champlain Valley Fair…. who the hell would have ever thought that? Lots of developments over the weekend, so let’s get ya’ll up to speed…

First off, like everyone else, we’ve understood that weather would play a huge part of how successful this event was and have been watching every freakin’ weather report known to man to figure out how Friday will look. So we are ecstatic to see that all of the main weather outlets are calling for sun, highs in the 70’s and virtually no chance of rain – in other words, PERFECT weather to ROCK!


Next is a recent development in ticket sales. Tickets are on sale now at the Flynn Theater (802-86-FLYNN) or by going online at Advance sale tix include your admission to the Fair – so for $16.50 you get the Fair and the show – bargain. No changes there.

For those though who can’t get to the Flynn, the Fair is lookin’ to take care of you. On Friday, you can pay the $12 admission to the Fair and for another $5.00, you can get your ticket to the show. Just head to the Fairground box office at the grandstand with your 20-30 friends and buy your ticket to Allied Forces – party all the way around!

Of course all you Military folks out there GET IN FREE. Bring your military ID and show it to the nice lady at the gate – you get in free to the Fair automatically. Then head to the Grandstand box office, whip out your military ID and say, “Gimme my free P’Dome ticket!” They’ll be happy to oblige…

Show time is 7pm. Lots of questions about who’s going on when. Here’s the dealio.

8:30-ish Quadra
9:45-ish ??????

Show is supposed to end somewhere around 10pm, but that may be subject to change… we’ll see. 😉

Now for everyone who wants to dance, check the seating chart below. Seats in the two red sections will be removed for ths show and folks can head to those areas to dance the night away! No special ticket necessary, just head over and and get yer Footloose on!


There will be a beer garden inside the venue for those of you who like a little alcohol to go with their ROCK…

Last word – if you’re a local music fan, please spread the word and come to the show. The good folks at the Fair are serious about making this a yearly event and it all depends on how much support there is for it. If you want to see your favorite local band play the Fair next year, then make it happen – grab a car load of friends and come to the show. As a well known owner of a local music store likes to say, “it’s all about the music…”

See ya’ at the Fair…


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