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That’s right peeps, the worst kept secret of the summer has been made official; PLEASUREDOME will ROCK the grandstand at the Champlain Valley Fair! Friday, August 30th, PLEASUREDOME and our old partners in crime, Quadra, join together once again to ROCK the masses at the Fairgrounds in Essex Junction! Titled “Allied Forces” the event is  [ Read More ]

“the sun even shines on a dog’s ass some days….” Translation: we all get lucky sometimes…. That was exactly the feeling when P’Dome made a rare Friday appearance at Breakwater. I mean, the weather guys were calling for a “100%” chance of rain!!!! But lo and behold, by mid-afternoon, things had started to lighten up  [ Read More ]

Well kids, was that a ROCK show or what???? Rock for Rescues is in the books and in every way, it was an amazing success… It was a massive labor of love, all starting late last summer with a few comments about finding a way to get a few of us to play a show  [ Read More ]

Okay peeps, Rock For Rescues is here! Lots of questions about what is happening, so the good folks at Vermont Concert Connection have put together a little FAQ so you know what the dealio is before you head out to Sheldon. Check it: “…Rock for Rescues is approaching fast…48 hours away from THE BIGGEST SHOW  [ Read More ]

G’Morning sports fans, congrats to those of you following the Bruins who earned a 2-1 lead in this years Stanley Cup by beating the Blackhawks last night. Of course we’re still waiting for the Habs to do something…. as they say, there’s always next year… PLEASUREDOME is back brothers and sisters and back in a  [ Read More ]