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That’s right people, the ‘Dome is back and we’re taking the word to the streets! Friday night, PLEASUREDOME kicks it old school in a knock down, drag out, rock n’ roll party at Gusto’s in Barre! We are ready to hit the stage and hit it hard people, so getcha dancin’ shoes on, find a  [ Read More ]

Holy hotpants Batman, it’s freakin’ hot out there!! G’morning Guvnor’s, coming to you live from the outer banks of the famed Northeast Kingdom, it’s the rambling mess known as the P’Dome ROCK report! So is it hot enough for ya’?? I’m not complainin’, I’ll take 90+ any day over -20, but DAMN, it’s just a  [ Read More ]

Congrats to our own Ed Fletcher and Jamie Gentilquore on their wedding!

Greetings and salutations everyone – it’s an early morning at the P’Dome branch office out here on the fringe of the famed Northeast Kingdom… I was just taking a look at Todd’s shots from this past weekend’s hammerfest at On Tap and one thing came to mind; everyone read the memo!! Ya’all might recall that  [ Read More ]

That is indeed the word out of Essex Junction; get to On Tap EARLY!! P’Dome is back at Essex Junction’s favorite nightclub for the first time in 4 months and the buzz is huge!!