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The Lake Champlain Cruises Concert Series got off to an killer start!! Check out what happened when P’Dome and 350 of their rowdy friends ROCKED the SS ROCK Urassoff!!!

Friday night at Venue…. a wild, wild night as they all seem to be in Colchester. Thanks to all who came out… look for an update this week…

Neither rain, nor sleet or freezing rain will keep P’Dome from completely rockin’ the faithful in Colchester! Check out the madness at Venue from Friday night!

Holy hell! P’Dome Nation was out in force New Year’s Eve and kicked 2011 to the curb in a major way at On Tap! Check out one of the most INSANE parties EVER and who the guilty parties were!

Merry Christmas sports fans! Just thought we would drop a few pics on ya’all from Friday nights Xmas spectacular at Gusto’s! It was a great party to begin with, but it got body slammed into high gear when the ladies from Jagermeister showed up!