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PleasureDome has been nothing short of an incredible experience for all of us in the band and beyond what any of us ever expected… We have all played in bands before PleasureDome, mostly original acts who played in local venues for friends or in clubs across the country for small audiences who had likely never heard of the band we were in. It can be a very discouraging proposition…That has never been the case for PleasureDome….

From our first show at Park Place, you have embraced us, many of you following the band from day 1, dragging your friends along to see us, following us to clubs all over Vermont, at times in the worst of weather. That has never gone unnoticed or unappreciated. When we say in our newsletter, “come early and have a drink with us” we aren’t kidding.

The absolute best part of playing with PleasureDome has been the opportunity to meet so many of you and say “thank you” first hand. In part, that is what this page is about – our chance to recognize the fans and say thanks – you are the real stars who bring us to the show…..